Monday, 1 May 2017

April Favourite's

Hello Everyone 😊
I really didn't think I was going to be able to write this, if you don't follow me on Twitter than you wont know that my notebook died the week before, so all I have is my mums netbook which is so slow, but if I'm patient with it then it works sort of. I'm currently on a spending ban so I can buy a new laptop, one that will last longer I hope, So for the month of May, I will just have to deal with this machine. I've got a few favourite's this month.

Netflix Show's

Grace and Frankie 10/10
Didn't think I would like this at first but it's so good and worth a watch, its rather funny too.

13 Reason's Why 10/10
Kind of watched this later than everyone else but I did enjoy it. It's rather triggering but it's a must watch and anyone who has never been bullied should watch this and see the actions afterwards. I did cry but I will be shocked if no one did.

Grimm Season 4 10/10
Finally Netflix has added season 4, binged watched it in 2 days and I really need the next 2 seasons added soon.

Now TV - Let's me watch things I've never seen before

Inside out 9/10
I really liked this, watched it a second time the other day, sadness is my favourite.

Zootropolis 9/10
This film is great and so cute and funny, definitely a must see.

Big Hero 6 9/10
To be honest, I only watched this to see Baymax, not really fond of the story line but Baymax makes up for it, he's amazing, I want him.

San Andrea's 9/10
 I love disaster films and this was a good one plus the rock is amazing!

Central Intelligence 9/10
Another Dwayne Johnson film on here, this one was so funny, I love them both, especially together, this is a must watch too, the plot is so funny and you would of never of guessed how it came about. I watched it with my mum and she was pissing herself laughing.

Fortitude Season 2 7/10
So Virgin media doesn't have sky atlantic but so glad now TV does, this second season was so weird and graphic, baffled me so much.


Selena Gomez - Only You - 10/10
She sang this in 13 reasons why and I'm obsessed with it.


Pokemon Moon 10/10
I've started playing this again, I'm trying to fill my pokedex so I've been using wonder trade and GTS. Last week I started collecting the eevelutions and I got them all, super happy.

Hope next month is better, hope I can blog again.

What was your favourite last month?

Love, Emma xxx

*All pictures shown from google images

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