Sunday, 14 May 2017

Eurovision 2017

Hello Everyone 😊
Another show has been and gone and I am back again to show you my favourites from this year. I would rate this years show 50/50, we need more outrageous outfits and huge voices to be a proper Eurovision song contest.
I can't believe the UK did so good, we got 111 points and they song was really good too.

UK - Lucie Jones

Italy - Francesco Gabbani

Croatia - Jacques Houdek

Australia - Isaiah

Sweden - Robin Bengtsson

The Netherlands - OG3NE

Moldova - Sunstroke Project

Azerbaijan - Dihaj

Greece - Demy

Romania - Ilinca

Ukraine - O.Torvald

Belgium - Blanche

Denmark - Anja

And this year's winner is Portugal - Salvador Sobral

Til next year =]

Love, Emma xxx

Thursday, 11 May 2017


Hello Everyone 😊
I'm so happy that I can blog, these two weeks have been painful but I finally have a new laptop, its red and shiny and bigger than my last one, I can finally see detail.
Not much has happened except for my borrowed notebook dying then having too save some money for this new beauty.
The weather has been great here, really warm and sunny during the day and a bit chilly a night, perfection in my eyes. Took some pictures too. The one shown above is my own picture, might make my own stock photos.
 We need loads of flowers now

 Even though this is fuzzy, I do like his face in this one.

He was following me round the garden.

Something else happened yesterday, I noticed early in the morning that Bella's face was swollen, so I thought it might be her tooth playing up again. My mum managed to get out of work early to take her to the vets. The vet said she had probably been in a fight, as she had a puncture wound under her cheek, she drained it and has given us some painkillers for her and anti-biotics, and we have to try and keep her in for a week, which is a problem because she's mostly and outdoor cat and she keeps crying at me and I feel so bad. She will need to go back to the vet next week for a checkup. Unfortunately the vet had to shave her, so she looks a bit pathetic.

I have also been crafting recently, having no laptop has made me want to make things. So I made round cards and backgrounds ready for decoration.

I also made my mums friend an ornament for her kitchen, she loved it 😊
I layered images to make a 3D effect.

Now that I have my laptop. I will be able to blog about Eurovision this Saturday, I'm so excited, anyone else watching?

That's it for today, see you soon 😊

Love, Emma xxx

Monday, 1 May 2017

April Favourite's

Hello Everyone 😊
I really didn't think I was going to be able to write this, if you don't follow me on Twitter than you wont know that my notebook died the week before, so all I have is my mums netbook which is so slow, but if I'm patient with it then it works sort of. I'm currently on a spending ban so I can buy a new laptop, one that will last longer I hope, So for the month of May, I will just have to deal with this machine. I've got a few favourite's this month.

Netflix Show's

Grace and Frankie 10/10
Didn't think I would like this at first but it's so good and worth a watch, its rather funny too.

13 Reason's Why 10/10
Kind of watched this later than everyone else but I did enjoy it. It's rather triggering but it's a must watch and anyone who has never been bullied should watch this and see the actions afterwards. I did cry but I will be shocked if no one did.

Grimm Season 4 10/10
Finally Netflix has added season 4, binged watched it in 2 days and I really need the next 2 seasons added soon.

Now TV - Let's me watch things I've never seen before

Inside out 9/10
I really liked this, watched it a second time the other day, sadness is my favourite.

Zootropolis 9/10
This film is great and so cute and funny, definitely a must see.

Big Hero 6 9/10
To be honest, I only watched this to see Baymax, not really fond of the story line but Baymax makes up for it, he's amazing, I want him.

San Andrea's 9/10
 I love disaster films and this was a good one plus the rock is amazing!

Central Intelligence 9/10
Another Dwayne Johnson film on here, this one was so funny, I love them both, especially together, this is a must watch too, the plot is so funny and you would of never of guessed how it came about. I watched it with my mum and she was pissing herself laughing.

Fortitude Season 2 7/10
So Virgin media doesn't have sky atlantic but so glad now TV does, this second season was so weird and graphic, baffled me so much.


Selena Gomez - Only You - 10/10
She sang this in 13 reasons why and I'm obsessed with it.


Pokemon Moon 10/10
I've started playing this again, I'm trying to fill my pokedex so I've been using wonder trade and GTS. Last week I started collecting the eevelutions and I got them all, super happy.

Hope next month is better, hope I can blog again.

What was your favourite last month?

Love, Emma xxx

*All pictures shown from google images

Wednesday, 19 April 2017


Hello Everyone 😊
This post is long over due and I thought I would show you what I've bought recently.

George at Asda
£10 - also comes in pink and white,

The duvet and pillowcases also came in dark blue and pink/pastels. 

I bought the 3 nail polishes (Emerald city, rain washed and gel shine top coat) and received everything else as a free gift, £12.

Winter Alpaca die cut £2.95, 123 dies £9.95 and Life is good stamp set £11.

Mia Felce
8 A6 postcards £6. I want to get a frame and frame them all together.

I also have a phone case arriving from amazon but its taking forever.
Hope you like this post 😊

What have you bought recently?

Love, Emma xxx

Sunday, 9 April 2017


Hello Everyone 😊
It has been a while since I last updated you. The reason I haven't posted more is because I have no motivation to do so, I don't go out, so I don't have anything to write about, I'm sorry.

Lets start with me: I was referred by the dentist in December to go have sedation, I still haven't heard anything back, so I will have to ring them about that.
My mental state seems to be lower this year, I don't want to do anything and when I do, I don't have anyone with me. The loneliness seems to be getting to me more, sometimes it's not a problem as I do enjoy being by myself but when you do the same thing everyday and you don't leave the house, it does get a bit too much, so I have been sleeping more than usual. I have joined a mental health support group online so when I am feeling at my worst, I can write it on there without being judged and have support from other people going through the same thing.
Also the blogging world has been distant for me, I haven't been to any events and it's really getting to me, I want to see my friends, I want to be happy but I can't force myself to do so.
It's currently sunny in the UK, and it should be lifting my mood but it hasn't and then that makes me sad.

My sister had a sad time in February, baby Jax died and it broke all of us. I've never found a pet dead before and it ripped my heart out. He will be missed.
My mum buried him in the garden and my sister bought a willow tree for him, the fluffiness of the tree reminded her of baby pigs fur.
On Monday my mum and sister went food shopping, they were taking forever, now I know why:
Meet Roman, he's so tiny and I have been cuddling his as much as possible. We introduced him to the other two last night, he was really excited and kept humping them both. They've now been separated but will put them all together when he's a bit bigger.
I have more pictures on Instagram, you can follow me Here

I'm hoping to up my blogging game this year, need to get some motivation if I want to become a full time blogger.
I want to be able to branch out in different areas too, get back in to photography is a must and doing haul posts. Want to get back into doing nail art again, currently trying to grow my nails long but there not a bad length now, just need a bit of care and polish.
Want to collaborate with brands as well. I love doing review posts, keeps me busy.

My dad kindly bought me a 3 pack of craft mats, so I can start using my distress inks and learn to blend. I still love creating things and I have still been making cards for family and friends. I want to do more, maybe in the future, I will sell them.
I'm trying to perfect my technique, I love my zig clean colour brushes and have started using water with them. Still trying to find a cheaper alternative to them though, as I do love the feel of the real brush and to be able to blend colours without any bleeding.
These are some of the cards I've made recently:

The last two were rushed.

This year we've had an Avon lady, I love Avon products and a few months back she gave me a sample of a new perfume and I loved it, i used the whole thing, so I bought the perfume and got a free gift with it:
Viva La Vita with a nail polish in Lilac love, body lotion, and a day and night cream (not pictured)

I also managed to get my hands on a Dot Creates blogger box, its a must buy for anyone 😊
The planner is undated with is amazing, so you can use it whenever you like, you also get a blog planner pad, 2 large quote prints, 2 small quote prints, a set of 4 quoted pencils and some stickers. Can't wait to start using everything.

I have had my eye on this for a while and I've always wanted one, since I've stopped smoking (3 years ago) I get nervous and my hands want to do something, so instead of being glued to my phone, I bought a fidget cube:
Best thing I have ever bought, keeps my fingers busy and has a different "toy" on each side, I even fell asleep with it in my hand yesterday from playing with it. It calms me down when I'm anxious and keeps me busy.

I think that's it for today, Hope this post wasn't too long for you all.

I'm mostly active on Twitter so if you want you can follow me on there too 😊

See you soon,

Love, Emma xxx

Friday, 31 March 2017

March Favourite's

Hello Everyone 😊
Another month is over, managed to produce more posts than last month but still not good enough. Really need to up my game and start pre-writing posts, really need to start working on my about me, contact and disclaimer pages if i want to go forward with my blog. And I also want to get back into writing mental health and autism posts too. Leave me a comment on the type of post you would like to see on here, much appreciated.
As with most of my posts, all images are taken off google and plots are taken off Imdb

Netflix Series

Once Upon A Time 10/10
Love this show, so glad its back, I always look forward to watching the next episode.

Cuckoo 7/10
Watched this out of pure boredom and rather enjoyed it.

Red Dwarf Season 1-8 9/10
I've always loved this show, so it was amazing to watch it from the beginning and hoping for a new season this year. Kryten is my favourite, he's the one on the left.

Netflix Films

Taken 3 8/10
This is a must to watch if you've seen the other two plus who doesn't love Liam Neeson?

Rage 9/10
Right, so i'm a huge Nicolas Cage fan and i'm trying to watch all his film, this one was so good and a must watch.

40 Year Old Virgin 9/10
The title speaks for itself, very funny film.

Chappie 8/10
Love watching robot films and having not seen this yet, I was so happy when it showed up on Netflix, I did enjoy it and its a must watch in my book.

TV Series

The Gadget Show 6/10
It's been a fair few years since I last watched this but with the new season that has just started, its peaked my interest again, I love gadgets and this show is perfect.

Last Man Standing 9/10
This was picked up by E4 starting from season 1 this month and I'm really enjoying it. Plus watching it reminds me of Home Improvements.

Wild Things 10/10
So glad this is back, if you need a good laugh, then watch this =]

Spring Baking Championship 10/10
Even though there was only 2 seasons shown, I enjoyed both, I love watching food programs, especially where people are competing to be the best.

Now TV

My sister has had a now TV box for a while now, the other day, she had accepted a films trail so I hooked it up to the TV and now there are loads of films I can watch (which is good, as I don't go the cinema)
Deadpool 10/10
You don't know how painful it is to wait to watch a film that you've been hyped about for soooooooooooooo long, I had to dodge everyone's views on the film and I'm so glad that I managed to watch it and it acceded my exceptions plus Ryan Reynolds is HOT!


Lana Del Ray - Love
She's back with a new song and I love it.

UK Air Dates

5th April - The 100 - E4 - 9pm
10th April - Prison Break - Fox - 9pm

Also tomorrow, I am going to my first blogger event of the year and I'm nervous and excited at the same time, and it's bothering me so much that its on April fools day, I don't join in with pranks and I always fall for them, I get so upset by them and extremely embarrassed, so fingers crossed nothing goes wrong.

Any-who, What are your favourites for the month?

Hoping to blog more next month 😊

Love, Emma xxx

Thank you for visiting my blog, feel free to follow and comment, Emma xxx