Wednesday, 18 April 2018


Hello Everyone 😊
It's been about a week or so since my last post and I've lost another 5lbs. I think I can feel it, my stomach does feel and look a lot flatter since I started. But I do have a long way to go. I do post pictures of what I'm eating on Instagram, i'm mostly eating and drinking everything in my last post, haven't found any new recipes yet but I don't mind.
At the start of last week, I had my period and ended up having a Chinese takeaway and a pizza, well, I was very ill the day after so never again.

Regarding my mental health?
I know by now, I'm meant to have energy but I don't. I've been still feeling tired when it hits certain times in the day, depending on how long I've slept for.
I haven't been getting out as much as I should, the weather here in the UK, has been crap, I have been out on the weekends, that's the only time when my family are free, its hard to push myself to go out by myself, as much as I love my alone time, it really sucks sometimes and I just want someone to talk too.
My other problem about going out is what to wear, I hate my body and having to wear clothes suitable for warm weather is a pain. I don't like showing too much skin but I get very hot if I cover up.
If the weather is as nice today, tomorrow then I will make myself go out for a stroll, might take my sister if she's up for it.

Back to my "diet"!
I now have something to aim for, my dad might take me on holiday in August and I'm so excited if he does, it would only be Spain but its still a holiday. And I'd love to be skinny enough to wear dresses and bikinis and feel good in my body 😊

If you have been following me on Instagram then you would of noticed my planner appearing in my pictures.
I found this planner on Hobbycraft for only £15 and I love it, there's so much space and its undated which is perfect. Might end up buying another one if I fill this one up.

I just need to start drinking more water 😊

Til next time.

Love, Emma xxx

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Healthy Eating

Hello Everyone 😊
If you haven't been following me on social media, why not? 😁

Well, I'm currently trying to lose weight. I started last week and I have been posting pictures on Instagram.
But in this post, I will be showing you what I've been eating and drinking and where I got the recipes from.
All my recipes were from Pinterest, I just tweaked them to my liking. Prior to making the smoothies, I had bought fresh and frozen fruit and had put them in mixed bags of what I may of liked, based on recipes I found on Pinterest.

Smoothie 1:
This was the first smoothie I made: Banana, raspberries and blueberries with 200ml unsweetened almond milk and granola.

I found that sometimes 200ml isn't enough but you can add as much as you like, I just top it up to make it as smooth as possible. With frozen fruit, the smoothies turn into slushies, which is very nice. 

Smoothie 2:
I have had this one a few times, they were already pre-mixed bags from the shop. This one contains: Apple, spinach and cucumber, I also used apple juice with it. Very refreshing.

Smoothie 3:
Mango, Watermelon and red grapes with apple juice.

Smoothie 4:
Mango, banana and raspberries with unsweetened almond milk.

Smoothie 5: 
Mango, banana and watermelon with unsweetened almond milk.

Smoothie 6:
Mango, banana and strawberry with unsweetened almond milk.

Now onto food, as before I found these recipes on Pinterest and I also found a blog with some good recipes too Slimming Eats

Meal 1:
Asparagus, egg noodles and chicken with any sauce you like. 

Meal 2:
Chicken thighs seasoned with paprika, black pepper and Chinese 5 spice with a bit of sweet chilli sauce. And leek and potato bake with bacon and cheese. 

Meal 3:
Plain cous cous with chopped carrots and broccoli in a chicken broth. I have been having this a lot, its so nice. 

Meal 4:
The same cous cous above but with chicken in it. 

Meal 5:
Chicken dippers, broccoli and carrot and swede.

Meal 6:
This is one of my other breakfast options, when I want cereal instead of a smoothie. They are Weetabix banana minis with unsweetened almond milk. 

I must be doing something good, as I've lost 5lbs since I started about 2 weeks a go. Snacking has been a problem but I've been having skips, light babybels, fruit, rice crackers. Basically anything healthy I can find in the shops. I haven't given up junk food, just having it in moderation or probably when my period is due. 

And that's it for now. If you want to see more foodie pictures then follow me on Instagram
And if you want more detailed recipes then just comment on this post 😊

Hope you liked this post, I will be updating you all on this journey with me, so stay tuned for next time. 

Love, Emma xxx

Sunday, 1 April 2018

March Favourite's

Hello Everyone 😊
I know its been a while and I always say this but I'm sorry. It's the same reason as usual, no motivation to write. I will have an update post soon, I promise that.


Jessica Jones S2 9/10
This was amazing, 10x better than the first season. I can't wait to see where it goes next.

Santa Clarita Diet S2 9/10
I binged this in 1 day, I want more episodes, its just too good. Plus Drew Barrymore is amazing.


The Orville 9/10
Absolutely brilliant! So funny and the jokes in it are amazing. His best work! Can't wait for a new season.

The Disappearance 10/10
The best drama so far this year, gripped me from the first episode and there were only 6. Would love to know if any of you watched it too?


Wonder Woman 10/10
Loved this film so much, I watched it twice in 1 day. This film and her performance was incredible. Just need Justice League to be added now.

The Mummy 8/10
Being a huge Tom Cruise fan, I rather enjoyed this.

Transformers: The Last Knight 6/10
I had a lot of problems with this film, the story line is crap, the start of the film was crap. The only thing I liked about it was the autobots, especially Bumblebee. I wish they did it differently and maybe my score would of been higher.

Spider-man: Homecoming 8/10
I just watched this yesterday. wasn't what I was expecting. I'm glad that there was humour in it and mostly I watched it for Iron Man but it was a good film.


Meghan Trainor - No Excuses 

The Weeknd - Pray for me

30 Seconds to Mars - Dangerous Night

Dates to remember in April:

2nd April - Kiss me first - Channel 4
4th April - Timeless - E4
5th April - Madam Secretary - Sky Living 
5th April - Glam Masters - Lifetime
9th April - Plebs - ITV2
13th April - Lost in Space - Netflix
17th April - Legion - Fox
18th April - Runaways - Syfy
18th April - Station 19 - Sky Living 
26th April - Happy! - Netflix

What has been your favourite?

Speak Soon,

Love, Emma xxx

*All images taken off Yahoo.

Friday, 16 March 2018

Trip To The Garden Centre

Hello Everyone 😊
On Thursday, me, my mum and my sister went to the Burleydam Garden Centre. I took some pictures. Can't wait to go more times during this year.

 Even though this picture is out of focus, I like it.

 I love Easter

 Going to go back and get one of these.

 These are fake yet so pretty

We also had lunch there as well 😊
I always have prawns there because there amazing! There cakes are nice too.

Hoping next time we go back, the flowers outside are in bloom so i can get more pretty pictures. I like taking pictures of flowers, especially in macro.

Speak soon,

Love, Emma xxx
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